Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slippery Slope

How about that health care crisis, huh? Is that some wacky stuff or what? To take our minds off of the Obama re-election crisis, let's discuss another serious political issue that has slipped through the cracks during this whole sordid affair. I'm talking about the serious threat of the gum disease stupidity.

The one argument I hate for pretty much anything is the "slippery slope" argument. For instance, I hate it when people say that allowing homosexual rights is just one more step toward allowing incest, then bestiality, then pedophilia. I just want to slap them shitless. You should consider it an insult to your intelligence for anyone to think they can motivate you with such obvious scare tactics.

To illustrate the point, let's apply the same argument to the controversial topic of abortion. Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that we decide life really does begin at conception. I think, should we all come to that consensus, we would all agree that abortion does equate murder and is thereby inherently immoral.

However, that would also imply that using certain forms of birth control, such as all of it, is also a form of murder because it prevents a life that could have been formed had the birth control not been in place. By that reasoning, the ultimate and most effective form of birth control, abstinence, would also be a form of premeditated infanticide. Therefore, one would logically conclude that we would need to keep having sex without protection until such time as a baby is conceived.

Furthermore, anything that wastes the male's sperm such as masturbation or any form of sodomy, whether it be oral or anal, would also prevent the conception of a human being, which would also be a form of murder, so we need to make sure that any orgasm the man has can only take place inside of a receptive womb. To be fair, just as a missed opportunity for the sperm to fertilize an egg would be murder, so would the missed opportunity for an egg to be fertilized. By that reasoning, a woman is a cold-blooded killer every time she undergoes her menstrual cycle.

Are you keeping track? According to the Pro-Life argument, as opposed to masturbating, men must always be having unprotected sex with fertile women who cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to ovulate. This is the same style of argument being employed by a large number of lazy sycophants to criticize the alleged "gay agenda" because they claim homosexuals shouldn't have more rights than heterosexuals.

What rights? Name one right gay people want that straight people don't have. I dare you. I bet you honestly can't.

Whether or not you believe in abortion or gay rights, stop using the slippery slope argument to make your point. It's the most painfully stupid of the logical fallacies, and it just makes you look like an lazy imbecile every time you try to pass it off as a rational argument to prove any point outside of your own intolerant bigotry. It's like, "Oh, I don't care about this topic enough to do any research on it or form an opinion of my own, so here is a hearty helping of someone else's of abject stupidity so I can stubbornly adhere to a core belief without putting any real thought, time, or effort into it at all."


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