Thursday, August 06, 2009

There's Nothing I Would Change In My Graffiti Soul

Some recent conversational quotes.

(Our boss, Troy, was enquiring on the status of a past-due service unit.)
John: Brenda keeps calling, but they aren't returning her calls.
Troy: What a coincidence! We're not returning their product either!

(Watching fear-based Republican propaganda ads on health care reform.)
Me: I wish we could make a decision in this country based on facts and not fear.
Lehi: It's the start of Socialism.
Me: Socialism is a fear.
Lehi: Mmm-hmm.
Me: Fear is not logical.

(Dave Grohl > Kurt Cobain x ∞ + 1)
Teressa: I am grateful for Kurt Cobain's influence on Courtney Love's career, though, because I just adore Hole.
Me: I'm grateful for Courtney Love's influence on Kurt Cobain's career, too, actually.
Teressa: OOOOOOH!!! You are going straight to Hell for that one! Straight to Hell!

(A customer rejected a unit because the bottom plate wasn't the same color as the assembly and they wanted us to verify that it was coated with the same material. We all knew it was, but a coworker and I were discussing it.)
Ted: They just want to be sure it's built to spec.
Me: It is. The specs just say it needs to be coated. They don't specify that the... carpet has to match the drapes.


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