Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yahoo Users Explain How Is Babby Formed

A recent Google search for something completely unrelated brought me, as most Google searches for obscure unrelated topics do, to the Yahoo!Answers forum, particularly the conception section. So I decided that I missed this a little and dug around for some stupid questions and answers, as people often post in Yahoo!Answers. This is not a return to form; I don't plan on doing this every week. I'm still not ready for that yet, if I'll ever be again.

All natural baby preserves.

Trust sex advice from this guy. He sounds educated.

Sperm are lazy fucks.

I don't care what it means in the United States, what does it mean in England?

Something about this question is convincing me to advise you not to reproduce.

Yes, his girlfriend is going to get knocked up by some other guy and he's going to carry the baby. What kind of ultimate cuckold fantasy do you have going on there, Gavin?

"TopFixer" is a true lady-pleaser.

Kind of like counting beans in a jar. Get an autistic kid to guess the number based on the dimensions of his nutsack.

Avoiding ovulation is unbelievably easy. Just don't think about it, and do other things to occupy your mind whenever you find yourself having a craving. If you need support, there are many Ovulators Anonymous groups and outreach programs in your area.

It seriously depends, are you Republican or Democrat?

How dare my wife defy my wishes? I specifically told her, "Don't get pregnant!" as I was shooting my sperm deep inside her unprotected womb. She has dishonored me, and my family.

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I've been off Blogger for a long time now but you just reminded me why I need to get back to this. Have I told you lately that I love you(r blog?)

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