Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wiki Nonsense

I guess someone decided that there weren't nearly enough stupid questions asked and irrelevant information given on Yahoo!Answers and created a different database of stupid questions and irrelevant information that anyone could edit at any time. Whereas on Yahoo!Answers you run even the smallest percentage of someone being able to accurately answer your stupid question with a simple Google search that you're too lazy to conduct yourself, WikiAnswers apparently would rather inject the chaos theory into the process, so even if a thousand completely random events did ultimately result in the right answer, someone could just change the question so that an answer like "A ballpeen hammer works the best" could end up with the question "Who was the fifth President of the United States?"

Even on a website this accurate, as impossible as it may seem, there is still an amount of questions that no one can answer because they make absolutely no sense. Welcome to the "Harmless Nonsense" section of WikiAnswers. Sorry for the apparent lack of effort on the comments this week. It was difficult enough to find questions where an additional comment wouldn't just be redundant.

Should I go for the obvious Rush Limbaugh joke here, or something a little more current, like an obvious Glenn Beck joke?

Well? Do I?

This is neither harmless, nor nonsense!

Yeah! Fuck you, Canada!

No, you're just weird.

Dude you fail at hacking.

Because Obama says it should.



Other gay people?


Who would want to name their apple?

One way I can think of involves a hatchet.

Well that answers that.


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