Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anime Fans Freak Me Out

Full Metal Alchemist is a great story, Anime / Manga aside. As an Anime / Manga, it's one of the greatest, and one of the two that I can actually tolerate. However, like any Anime / Manga, its fans freak me the fuck out.

That's just being lazy.

The fact that this thread even exists scares me.

Trying to figure out which is the worst kind of incest pairing is like trying to figure out which is the worst way to be burned to death.

Way to math, dude.

Basically, I just wanted to gauge how normal I am.

Ed should remain pure for his dad.

Stupidity, Punctuality, and Canned Beats were not three of the Seven Deadly Sins.

It would certainly get all of you pervs to stop imagining the two of them having sex with each other, because it's like a universal law of the Internet that Anime fan fiction can in no way be straight.

Now I want to see Winry and "William" hook up. : (

This post hints at some serious issues going on at home.

Your friends might also think you're just a little crazy for carrying around pictures of a cartoon boy and asking what sex they think he is.

The great FMA psyche test continues...

Hitler was a Gary Stu.

That's boring! Why would we want to fantasize about a guy fucking his own wife when we can imagine him fucking his underage sons instead?


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