Sunday, February 08, 2009

Southern Rock Extravaganza!

With minor exception, I don't care for Southern rock bands whose music fits into the category of Southern Rock. The music is bland and uninspired and the fans fuel the stereotypes that make the rest of the world hate America. My original intent was to just ridicule Lynyrd Skynyrd, but I decided to broaden the perspective to include any Southern Rock found on the Skynyrd forum since it's essentially all the exact same thing and it all sucks.

That's because just about the only noteworthy contribution the South has made to rock and roll is the inclusion of drunken rednecks.

Damn liberal media with their black president and their homosexuals.

The only real tragedy was that Skynyrd carried on after God saw fit to smack their plane out of the sky.

Stick to that formula and fame will come, just as it had for "downsouthrocker."

That's when the South became primarily associated with unwashed, inbred, backwoods racists.

No stereotypes here AT ALL.

Much more valuable than, say, the original Constitution or the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Wow. This thread started out tragic then detoured straight into a bad redneck cliché.

Is the concept of a metaphor completely lost on you people?

Wordfilter can really change the context of a statement.

It's a state of mind to "grow up without any shame," not geography.


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