Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Wonder Obama's Pissed At Health Care

People wonder why I avoid the hospital like the fucking plague. Just to make an appointment, I'm given the wrong information by three different people on three separate occasions. For instance, they gave me the wrong clinic hours. The clinic hours are posted on their door! How can they be wrong about that? Then they want to screen me to see if I'm even worthy of being seen. It shouldn't be so difficult just to schedule an appointment. Surely this is some sort of anomaly and health care hasn't really gotten this bad across the board in the past fifteen years or so. If it has, then we don't need to just reform health care, we need to tear it all down and start completely over so that being sick isn't some sort of exclusive club. This place had better be more on the ball than their receptionist staff, or I might be looking for a different clinic that accepts my insurance.


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