Sunday, February 22, 2009

Limp Bizkit Returns To Destroy Any Credibility They Had Left

At least Bloodhound Gang have the common decency to understand that their juvenile stpid lyrics are a joke. The same cannot be said for rap-metal cockrockers Limp Bizkit, whose Fred Durst may be one of the few people to top both Bono and Paul McCartney as the the biggest egomaniacal douche in the music industry. Still, despite their veritible shortcomings, the monstrosity known as Limp Bizkit is going to try to reunite to once again suck all hope out of popular rock music before inevitably imploding halfway through the first leg of their tour.

Believe it or not, it was difficult to track down fan comments about this news story because the only two Limp Bizkit discussion forums I could find were blocked to people who not only were registered, but had created enough posts in other discussion forums to prove they were not going to TROLL THE SHIT out of the Limp Bizkit forum. I don't have the time to pretend to like one of the most hated rock bands since ever just to TROLL THE SHIT out of their forum, so instead I took comments from various news articles about the reunion. The reaction was
notably mixed, but I managed to find a few morons still clinging desperately to white music's greatest failures.

That's because by 2005, all of Limp Bizkit's original fans either hit puberty or died in moronic alcohol-induced accidents.

The loudest voice may not always be the rightest, but it is guaranteed to be the dumbest.

I guess Limp Bizkit is better compared to popular acts in their teens than popular acts their own age.

Angel, hit us with some more crazy!

We've only been waiting for this for less than three years.

What are you, a Chihuahua?

Limp Bizkit's gonna choke on its own stupidity like never before! Limp Bizkit's gonna be hated and ignored like never before! Limp Bizkit's gonna whine over butt-rock rhythms like never before!

A true fan would wear his ballcap proud, no matter how many times he got beat up.

Buckcherry is like Limp Bizkit's illegitimate love child from a syphilitic groupie.

Limp Bizkit: garbage music's superheroes.

Oh no, sebastian, you're not an idiot AT ALL.

Why do all of Fred Durst's fans pretend that he didn't turn The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" into a whiny, self-indulgent crybaby emo rant and completely cut out the best part of the song?

But if a band is bad, it does mean that I don't have to like them.


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