Sunday, January 04, 2009

Time To Tackle Some Sexual Issues!

I decided to go to WebMD to tackle some health-related problems today, but for some reason I always default to the sexual issues sections on these types of forums. It's probably because I know they contain the greatest amount of guaranteed idiots.

Expect an IMPORTANT UPDATE in the next couple of days.

This is a medically relevant question!

Posts titled things like "Odd Discharge" are like hitting the jackpot every single time.

Have you tried bathing?

An even better question is: Who goes around smelling condoms? I wouldn't even be able to tell what a condom smells like you put one on my nose!

So to keep him from having sex with another woman, your only choice is to watch him having sex with another woman. Sounds perfectly reasonable!

Don't worry, the dirty old men he's sending pictures of his penis to weren't planning on showing up anyway.

"I tested positive for gonorrhea. I'm too cool for school!"

The good news is that there is one guarantee. The bad news is that it involves her finger and your pooper.

Use your fist.

Whoops! Turns out the whole time I was sniffing the wrong hole! Ha-ha!

Julie, this is your mother. Go to your room.

A Buick Skylark.

When her daddy shows up with his shotgun.


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