Sunday, January 18, 2009

No Line On The Internet

After revisiting the Metallica forums last week, I thought to check out some other forums of bands that fans take too seriously. Naturally, my first inclincation was U2, and I decided that I hated this U2 message board on the sole grounds that it is a gaudy shade of blue.

He'd just play the same chord over and over until the band changes direction.

U2 already did this in 1988. It was called "Rattle And Hum." The similarities between Metallica and U2 become more glaring every year.

No, he's right. Musicals suck. I'd rather listen to OUR national icon. It's a giant screeching bird.

It doesn't exist. I'd dare you all to prove me wrong, but I don't want to hear that fucking song over and over again.

That fact was NOT fun! I demand a refund!

You mean, like food?

Ew. I'd hate to be under that sky.

Funny thing is, numbers 1 through 9 are all Axl Rose.

Yeah, that Bono, what a selfish prick!

The other day I farted and it made me wonder if beans give Bono indigestion.

What the hell? It's just the green button over and over again!

What is the obsession with punching people?

Well, that mystery's been solved — we found the one ego in the world bigger than Bono's.


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