Monday, January 05, 2009


The Civility Webpage II has spent the past year in its death throes. Although I'm not quite ready to pull the plug yet, I have decided to shift gears, and shift my attention away from it.

I've decided to change formats for this year. I'm going to be publishing one weekly humor colunn every Wednesday, given I can keep it up for 52 consecutive weeks. Some old material may be retread and presented in a fresh way.

My old entries would oftentimes vary from a couple of sentences to several thousand words, and range from decent to genius to utterly stupid. My goal here is to deliver something consistent, both in format and in quality. Also, I think the weekly schedule will give me time to enjoy life as well as time to edit and revise the entries. I have the first two written so far, and I can they have definitely benefitted from having more time to revise them instead of having to rush to publish something before the end of the day.

This format is also going to be more reader-friendly. It is going to be far less harsh and scathing, and more light-spirited and good-natured. I want to publish something that you might expect to find in your average magazine or newspaper. If this experiment gets any attention at all, I'd like it to be something that someone wouldn't be afraid to buy and publish, unlike many of my previous blog entries.

That being said, I am starting a third blog to showcase this new format. If anyone comes across it, I'd like for it to be removed from my more ascerbic, former writings, where I say "fuck" a lot. This new blog will appear on the Blogger and WordPress services. For the convenience of my LiveJournal friends, I'm not going to create a new LiveJournal. Everything will be pubished on the same LiveJournal I have been using, including this new format.

The Civility Webpage II will still exist, but in a diminished capacity. I'm still planning on making fun of some web forum every Sunday, and I feel that this is the best mechanism for that. I may occasionally post a random gripe or observation that doesn't fit into the format of the other blog.

The new blog is called "Lucid Absurdity." That title narrowly beat out "The Angry, Red Penis of Injustice." As of right now, both the Blogger and the WordPress sites are nothing more than framework. I'll format them more as time goes on. LiveJournal friends, I invite you all to check your FriendsLists on Wednesday if you can, and let me know what you think. It'll probably be in the early evening.

Thank you for your kindness and support.

Here are the links to the new sites, if anyone is interested:

Blogger Mirror
WordPress Mirror


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