Sunday, December 21, 2008

All Things Christmas Is All Things Insane

I don't trust people who are this obsessive over anything, let alone Christmas.


I use mine to protest Christmas.

"By the way, I banged your sister."

We let the kids throw whatever they want on the thing and then we just set it on fire.

Have you considered buying a tree?

Wait. The Princess Bride was a Christmas movie?

Move over Casablanca, here comes Will Ferrell in tights!

This is how mass murderers are made.

I go blind trying to read your post, you idiot.

Wasting time on a stupid forum about people who take Christmas way too seriously.

One night each year, Bono visits every home in Ireland and leaves a potato for every good little boy and girl. (Sorry Ireland, I couldn't resist.)

This insanity has just entered a whole new level of scary.

I haven't liked snow since it stopped being fun and started wrecking cars.

Optimus Prime.


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