Friday, November 21, 2008

The Triumphant Return Of Stupid Town Names

Low Point, IL
Well look on the bright side. It's only going to get better from there.

Beverly Hills, MI
Hahaha, FAIL!

Mound, MN
Ever since I found out that "mound" is slang for "vagina," all I can think is, "Haha, you live in Mound."

Swartz Creek, MI
May the creek be with you.

Butte City, CA
I don't care if you pronounce it "boot" or "beut" or "byoot," it will never change the fact that you live in a butt.

Knob Noster, MO
Nothing with the word "knob" in it fails to sound like an inappropriate euphamism.

Novelty, OH
I'm going to buy this town at a gas station and use it as a paperweight on my desk.

Centralia, IL
You'd think if it were really Centralia, it'd be located more toward the middle of the state.

Sims, NC
I forgot to turn on their free will and the entire town died because they couldn't go to the bathroom.

Crossville, TN
Where everybody is really angry, all the time.

Stow, OH
I would say "In case we need it later," but we probably won't. It's Ohio, after all.

Manly, IA
I think they're compensating for something.

Kokomo, IN
No wonder everyone thought that Beach Boys song sucked if they were singing about Indiana the whole time.

Not, MO
Well fuck.

Gas City, IA
Yay, you're named after a convenience store.

Paw Paw, IL
This town's name sounds like what a hillbilly would call her boyfriend.


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