Friday, November 14, 2008

Sheep Compatability

Congratulations, you're a Sheep. You are generous, empathetic and timid by nature. You are often coveted for your hair and known for your herd mentality. You enjoy eating grass, frolicking, and being barked at by dogs. You're sometimes referred to as the Goat, but there's nothing notable about them except being stubborn and having the eyeballs of some Lovecraftian horror. Here is how you rate in compatability with the various other signs.

Sheep and Rat:
Will not relate well. Small animosities and misunderstandings. Sort of like voters and politicians.

Sheep and Ox:
Nothing good will come out of a relationship based on competing for cud.

Sheep and Tiger:
Perhaps someday the Sheep will lay with the Tiger, but until then the Sheep is considered lunch.

Sheep and Rabbit:
Some people count Sheep. Rabbits multiply them.

Sheep and Dragon:
The Dragon's blind ambition can give the wandering Sheep direction.

Sheep and Snake:
Sort of like the Dragon, only less annoying.

Sheep and Horse:
Many areas of common interest. Running through green pastures. Eating green pastures. Highly compatable.

Sheep and Sheep:
Will follow each other anywhere, even off a cliff.

Sheep and Monkey:
Primarily a jungle animal, the Monkey would have no real idea what to do with the pastoral Sheep and would probably just end up frightening it.

Sheep and Rooster:
When the Rooster clucks, the Sheep will bleat. Then the pecking will begin.

Sheep and Dog:
The Sheep just wants to eat its grass in peace but the noisy Dog is always telling it to go somewhere else. The Sheep will resent being constantly startled by the Dog, and the Dog will resent the Sheep never being in the right place.

Sheep and Pig:
The Pig and Sheep have many common interests, such as eating, standing around, being relatively quiet unless spooked, and trusting those who intend to kill them. Will live happily together as long as they avoid farmers carrying sharp objects.


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