Sunday, November 16, 2008


Instead of reporting on important news stories such as another reason the rich don't deserve more tax cuts, most news sources have dedicated large amounts of time postulating over key cabinet positions that President-elect Barack Obama hasn't chosen yet. Of course this has led to concerned citizens reacting as if these possibilities were the actual selections. Remember how every news organization was certain that Obama would choose Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential running mate all the way up to and a little bit after he chose Joe Biden? Yeah, sort of like that. Like everyone else on the Internet, several avid FoxNews viewers and FoxNews haters dedicated their time to arguing about something that doesn't really matter because it isn't real, and I dedicated a little bit of my time to making fun of them for being idiots.

You can start by not talking like an illegal immigrant trying to pass herself off as an actual citizen.

I got some change at Wendy's the other day. You can have it if you promise not to spend it on booze.

When Obama appoints Gore to the newly added Secretary of the Internet position, you'll be among the first to go.

I don't think O'Reilly knows he looks like a cross between an angry baby and an owl.

Of all the possible ways Dick Cheney strikes me, I don't count "spineless sycophant" among them.

The coloring books might give some college students an unfair advantage.

Given God's past record of destructive violence, He'd probably be considered a terrorist and sent to Guantanimo Bay to be tortured once He set foot on American soil. Looks like you're just doomed then.

I suppose you will play the slut card.

Because no one is going to laugh at the moron who has McCain / Palin '08 signs on their lawn in 2010.

LOL at Republican groupies responding to FoxNews' fantasy football picks for Obama's cabinet as if they were anything more than speculation.

np: Porcupine Tree - "Sleep Of No Dreaming"


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