Sunday, October 19, 2008

Never-Before-Seen Debate Outtakes!

Were you one of the many Americans who found the debates to be not nearly as entertaining as you expected? Were you disappointed when Sarah Palin didn't screw up miserably, or Obama didn't capitalize on the many opportunities McCain gave him to righteously own his ass? It turns out that the debates were not broadcast live, but actually highly censored by the media to make both candidates look as impeccable as possible, given the circumstances, by editing out any undesirable footage. Here now are some of the outtakes from the debates and various press conferences that prove once and for all who the true mavericks of this election cycle are.

Sorry for the small size, but these pictures are enormous, so the choice was either click-to-view or make the post over a million pixels long. Click-to-view won.


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