Sunday, October 12, 2008

Because Some Of You Still Just Don't Get It

Since public opinion polls show that there are some Americans who still haven't quite figured out exactly who it is they're going to be voting for, below is a series of comparisons between the major party candidates, and their running mates, to groups common, everyday items and concepts. Surely something amongst these various groups will relate to your interests so you can get a better understanding of the way in which the candidates relate to each other. The idea came from an Internet forum, but I took off and personally created more than half of the comparisons below.

NOTE: Since there are so many of these and they're somewhat large, below are only thumbnails for the purpose of space. Please click to expand.

It looks like the ''Straight Talk Express'' got derailed.
These were kind of the odd ones out.These were kind of the odd ones out.
I opted against the obvious fried chicken reference, with good reason.You can't have dinner without drinks.
Drinks and drugs walk hand-in-hand. Also, I already know that AIDS isn't a drug. It's kind of the point.Something else that walks hand-in-hand is drugs and celebrities.
TV ShowsTV Channels
MusicFerris Bueller Characters
Simpsons CharactersSuperheroes
Technically Doom isn't a superhero, but damned if he's not McCain. Palin's character is called Forbush Man from Marvel's parody comics. Look him up.
Star Wars CharactersTransformers
The nerds will appreciate this.And if you're really nerdy, you'll actually get this. And if you're a girl who gets this, I might ask you for a date.
Since it's too small to read, McCain's screen says ''2400 B A U D''.


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