Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things With Faces, Part 4

The last three weekends of this were very well-received by the three or four people who still read this Blog. Unfortunately, this weekend it has to come to an end. Partially because too much of a good thing will desensitize us to it, but more so because I'm out of pictures. Thanks for your patience and your praise during this feature. Next weekend we'll return to our normally scheduled stupidity.

Smart Dumpster likes to smirk.

No collection of things with faces would be complete without the stalwart pad of a stapler.

This alarm clock looks sad to have a gear stuck in its forehead.

He just watched the camera next to him die.

I don't know what this is, but it sure is dismayed.

Poor, naïve toothbrush holder. So filled with innocence and wide-eyed wonder. Little does it know it will soon be stabbed in both eyeballs by toothbrushes.

Pygmy Belt wants to eat you!

"I eat cheese aaaall the time!"

Finally, here's one that I was hoping no one pointed out to me from lolcats because then I wouldn't have anything to end this series with.


Blogger Patti said...

Mmmmm, cheese.

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