Wednesday, September 10, 2008

John McCain Makes My Head Want To Explode

John McCain is quickly coming to surpass George W. Bush as the most corrupt politician in America. Ever since the primaries narrowed down to McCain versus Obama, every ad out of the McCain camp has done nothing but lie, outright, to the American people.

Obama writes an economic proposal that is considered workable to actually very good by most independent studies, and the only thing we see about it is "Barack Obama wants to raise your taxes." No, McCain, he actually wants to raise your taxes, and more than likely his own, and give tax breaks to the middle and lower classes.

Now, though, now McCain isn't even bothering to bend the truth. He's just making stuff up. The most recent McCain ad used a quote from Barack Obama, in which he used a common, blue-collar expression to address John McCain's promose of change, and turned it into a direct attack on Sarah Palin. He wasn't talking about Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin didn't even enter into the discussion. Yet many voters are now convinced that Barack Obama is sexist because they're too fucking stupid to research.

John McCain accused Obama of playing the race card when he made a joke about not looking like the other guys on our money, but here John McCain is playing the sex card when there's not even an argument to support it. It's weak, and it's more offensive to women than the lipstick comment if Obama was directly attacking Sarah Palin. Women, let this be a lesson to you: As far as the Republicans are concerned, you're just something to be used to advance their agenda.

Barack Obama has endured nothing but attack after attack from both sides of the political spectrum since he entered into the Presidential race. He's been called an Arab, a terrorist, an elitist, a sexist, a racist, and unpatriotic, yet he still has the character and the decency to run a positive campaign with minimal mudslinging. Barack Obama wants to discuss real issues, and all he gets from the Republican party is cheap diversions and outright lies.

We live in an age when we can receive news updates as soon as they happen. We can read entire transcripts of speeches and a thousand opinions and interpretations of each one. We can use Google to unlock the secrets of the universe. Yet our opinions are still shaped by what we see in thirty seconds on a television ad sandwiched between underpants and the Burger King because people are too fucking lazy to bother checking facts and too stupid to figure out how to use Google to do so.

I used to think that if the Democrats can't get it together to win an election after eight years of Bush in the White House, they should just hang it up and not even run in four years. Now I think that if you idiots actually vote McCain into office, you deserve whatever you get. I hope he takes all your money and revokes all your rights. Fuck John McCain, and fuck every single person who votes for the lying old dickbag.

And you can run that in your campaign ad.


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