Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why Are So Many CONSERVATIVES So Stupid?

With the elections fast approaching, I decided to seek out political forums again to see what the common Internet user has to say about the candidates. However I got sidetracked by a website full of ridiculous posts made by grammatically inept Republicans.

Even though one post claims that Conservatives are more ambitious and motivated, it seems hasn't been updated since approximately 2004, whereas is kicking their ass in both the ambition and motivation categories. Furthermore, the fact that the website is hosted by leads me to believe a couple of kids in Australia just set it up to laugh at how stupid we Americans can be.

I love how this is the last post before the website collapsed into active disinterest. I guess the editor didn't count on the Democrats' ace in the hole, which pretty much consists of Bush's approval rating.

All in favor of the Two-Minute Hate, say aye.

Your political opinion was immediately dismissed the second you stated that you were a 15-year-old. Where the fuck did you learn to debate?

America shouldn't have been leading them on like that, flaunting its towers and its democracy to the world. What did it expect to happen, really?

Chances are he went on to pursue his poli-sci degree and thought, "My God was I a douchebag when I was 17!"

As a single mom of 30, you're a Democrat. You're officially kicked out of the club.

Why are so many CONSERVATIVES ignorant and bigoted?

The immoral party wants to separate church from state, just like those immoral Founding Fathers. When I so much as think of Thomas Jefferson drinking goat's blood from a hollowed-out virgin's teat while drafting the Constitution, it makes my blood run ice cold.


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