Thursday, August 07, 2008

No One Can Cover "Don't You (Forget About Me)"

Hawk Nelson, for JC Penny

This is the band that got the ball rolling. Not only does this band puke all over the song, but they then proceed to rape the puke.

Dark Crystal

This guy sounds like Elmer Fudd on valium.

Mister Cover

More like Mister Drunk Guys Aren't Really Trying.

Kill Clouseau

This guy sings like a serial rapist.

Kids Incorporated

On that note, if Miley Cyrus ever even ponders this, it's your solemn duty to take her down without hesitation.

New Found Glory

You know that sound that a ten-year-old makes when he whines to his mother who doesn't give him what he wants? Yeah, sound exactly like that when you sing.


Normally, I'd make a comment about listening to this if I ever have trouble falling asleep, but this would piss me off too much. I'd have to go punch holes in the wall with Ryan Keys' head.

I don't know who these guys are

If I was performing for tens of people, I probably wouldn't give a fuck either.

Ricky Shades

Oh look, it's Johnny Cash's partially challenged half-brother.

Billy Idol

Billy Idol seals his descent into oblivion by revealing exactly why he was originally passed up to record this song.


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