Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Beliefs, Part 1

For lack of anything better to write about, I'm going to give short summaries of some of my current beliefs* on a variety of important issues. *Beliefs may be subject to change without notice.

Capital Punishment
In Genesis 4:9-16, after Cain murdered his brother Abel and God banished him to wander the Earth, God left a mark on Cain so that no other person would kill him in retribution. If we put a person to death to avenge their crimes, aren't we placing our judgment above God's? Interesting that primarily Republicans support it.

I think, instead of having abortions, the mothers should just ship all their unwanted babies to the pro-life advocate of their choice. If these politicians want all these babies born, they can raise them.

I like the less recognized idea that "pro-life" is just a way of making "pro-no choice" seem more appealing. If we were arguing pro-choice versus pro-no choice, we would actually be arguing Constitutional rights instead of placing a moral standard on something that has yet to be scientifically quantified. If the pro-no choice side supported the wholesale slaughter of all babies, there wouldn't even be a question which side was right.

Gay Rights
I could argue genetics versus choice here, (for the record, I support the genetics argument because it has far more scientific credability), but since its detractors insist on making it a moral issue, I'm going to go with that. Yes, for some reason God has mentioned throughout the Bible that homosexuality is an abomination unto Him, which I don't really understand because He would have to had created homosexuals. Is He just embarrassed to have gotten some of us wrong? Anyway, God has also told us repeatedly throughout the Bible that it's not our place to condemn our fellow man, so I guess we just have to live with these homosexuals in tolerance until God passes His own judgment on them at their time of death. You know, like Jesus would have wanted. Hatred and violence are not Christian philosophies.

Animal Rights
It depends on what rights we're talking about. Should they have the right to vote? I don't think so. My cats may know many things, but I'm pretty sure they don't know dick about politics. Should they have the right to drive? Perhaps. I think the average dog is probably smarter than ninety-percent of humans on the road.

Since most vegetables taste like raw garbage, and since God, in His infinite wisdom of the greatness of a cheeseburger, gave His blessing on killing animals for food, I'm not against a nice steak once in a while. However, since it's apparent that most animals have at least basic emotions, we probably should try to be nicer to them while they're still alive.

Science Versus Religion
I don't see why this is such an issue. Has science disproven the possibility of God? Certain theories may work to discredit God, but the thing about theories is, they're just ideas; they haven't been proven yet. If anything science has been working more to PROVE God. You know, since we can prove that anything science has given us actually exists, could it be that God created everything using science that we are only beginning to understand? Instead of fearing science, Christians should be embracing it. Unless they're afraid that science might make God into something greather than they can easily humanize, quantify, and manipulate.

You can try to shove your non-God beliefs down our throats as so many Christians have done to you with their beliefs. I'm fine with that, as long as you realize that I went through years of doubt and spiritual discovery to arrive at a concept of God that I can accept, and you're probably not going to undo all of that with "Why does God allow suffering LOLOL???!!!" The main thing I have a problem with is the taunts. I mean, "Jesus was an atheist"? Come on, that's just lame. We don't go, "LOL Dawkins loves God!" If you want to have a serious theological debate, that's fine, but don't antagonize pointlessly. It just makes you look bitter.

The Middle East
Is the Middle East mad at us, in general? Considering that the Western World has been all up in their business trying to take them over since roughly the dawn of time, I think America is just the latest figurehead for a resentment that has been brewing for centuries. Would I like for there to be stability there for our own good and all the innocent bystanders caught in a religious war they do not want? Of course. Do I think it's a realistic scenario? Not really. When they're not targeting us, they're bombing each other. You know how overzealous Bush is, that he's gone as far as to actually claim to be a mouthpiece for God? Multiply that by a hundred and apply it to a majority of the people in the Middle East. We can't establish a democracy there; we can't even manage the democracy that our own country was founded on. We tried to give Palestine a shot at democracy, and the idiots elected Hamas.

As much as the notion of leaving them to their own devices sucks, the reality of the situation is that, even if we do manage to set up a shadow government that turns out to not be more corrupt than the government it is based upon, it's still going to collapse under the weight of its own fanaticism within a few decades. If they don't elect the most batshit insane person in their country to lead them, he'll just take it by force. That's the way it's been for centuries. We can't force them to accept democracy, stabilize, and behave. They have to first want it for themselves, and then they have to take it for themselves. All we're doing is swatting the hornets' nest with a broom and wondering why we're getting stung so much. If we give them violence, they're only going to react with violence. If we want to show them that they can trust us, we need to do so diplomatically.

The Bush Legacy
If only Bush could get taken out during a visit to Iraq by friendly fire after military intelligence mistakes the mosque he's visiting for a chemical weapons manufacturing facility and cement his place in the Darwin Awards..


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