Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is It Normal To Be Such A Loser?

Back in November of last year, I chanced upon a website that was sort of like Yahoo!Answers in its illiterate buffoonery, but instead of actually trying to resolve their overwhelming lack of comprehension about even the simplest facets of human existence, they just want to know if it's normal to be that stupid. The only problem is that normalcy is judged by those who perceive it, so if everyone on a website is as stupid and perverse as you are, then of course your stupid perversions are going to seem normal. It's about as effective as Charles Manson telling Ted Kaczynski he's sane.

Anyway, I got bit by the nostalgia bug and decided to revisit "Is It Normal?" to see if it's still overrun by the types of people who automatically make you feel much better about your life. It is.

Next run with scissors, you big risk-taker, you.

Or you could just not wear eyeliner. It's really not that important.

Yeah, at first the Illuminati wanted to establish a New World Order, but over the centuries they got far lazier and settled on just stealing your girlfriend instead.

Little known fact: Guys like boobies. Don't go blabbing our secret to the world, now.

Your wife is actually weirder than you for allowing you to guilt her into silence because it's normal for an adult to smoke, and at least she doesn't name her cigarettes.

No it is not okay for a guy to finger myself.

I'm pretty sure God doesn't read "Is It Normal?" except when He needs a good cry.

Greatest pick-up line ever!

Combining two forms of bad music doesn't make good music. It just makes bad music squared.

I don't believe you.

Gangs are for the weak and the stupid. If you want to show everyone you're tough and hard, you should dominate both gangs Joker-style.

The main question this story poses in my mind is: Why would anyone want to have given birth to this?

I wasn't aware we were quantifying our sexual orientation now.

I think you should choose the fork, and stick it in your eyeball. Go deep and turn it until all the drama is gone.


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