Friday, August 15, 2008

Can't Sleep — Trent Tyler Will Eat Me

This is the scariest thing ever. Ever. I didn't blink for the full three minutes. This will haunt me for weeks to come.

If Trent Reznor's dad fucked Steven Tyler's mom and they had the gayest baby ever, that baby would grow up to produce this video. In fact, regardless of what that guy's actual name is, I am officially going to refer to him as Trent Tyler from now on.

Seriously, though, what kind of name is Family Force 5? That's like the title of an incest story someone would submit to Literotica. Only not now, because they stole the idea that I stole from them. Bastards.

However, this is the best quote I've run across in a long time. I howled with laughter until I couldn't see from all the tears in my eyes. It's so wrong, but so completely true.
"Another African genocide? The United States had hoped those savages learned their lesson when the US did nothing about Rwanda. What is it going to take to convince them America doesn't care!?" — Zack Parsons on Darfur, Glass 'Em: U.S. Foreign Policy Solutions for the Coming Decade


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