Sunday, July 20, 2008

AdultSpace, Part 2: The Pictures, Part 1

Finding ridiculous people on AdultSpace might be easy, but being able to capture their pictures is far more difficult. Half the profiles are private, and half of the ones that aren't don't have any useful pictures posted, to include the icon pic that compelled me to select their profile in the first place. Even despite that, by spending the last week casually browsing the search page for people who looked like total losers, I was still able to find two Sundays worth of disgusting swingers and perverts, even after excluding any obvious stolen porn images and gnarly genital close-ups. Here is the first half.

When resorting to the Internet to find sex partners, it's paramount that you make sure you do the absolute best with what you have.

This dude's profession is most likely fetching abnormal brains for mad scientists.

If H. R. Giger was asked to draw up a woman, this would be the most likely outcome.

This is the type of guy you'd expect to see answering the door to the Addams Family's house.


Some people seem to think that looking like serial killers is somehow sexy. Here are two prime examples. First, we have the brilliant and cunning, Hannibal Lecter type of serial killer.

Then there' the drugged-up, batshit insane, Charles Manson type.

This guy looks like that meth-head that was killing old people throughout Missouri and Illinois recently.

This is this one guy's picture...

This is the picture of his woman from the same set...

Is this dude doing his daughter? You tell me.

This looks like the guy Michael Douglas would pay to fuck ugly chicks for him.

This chick is sitting on a powderkeg. The look in his eyes tells me the first time he comes home and dinner is not on the table, she's going to be spending the night in the intensive care unit.


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