Saturday, July 19, 2008

Abortion In The Negative Fourth Trimester

Finding out you have a secret blog stalker is usually pretty rad. Finding out it's the President of the United States raises the awesomeness score exponentially. Several months and a year ago, I wrote this post. Just a few days ago, minus the year, our BELOVED LEADER, George W. Bush, sent this proposal to Congress. This could just be an amazing coincidence, considering that George W. Bush routinely gets his policy ideas from God via a monkey on crack, but I prefer to believe that I am just that awesome. As much as I would like to say that I hate being right, being right is pretty cool, so there.

You'd think that with Bush's uncompromising stance on not only the right to life, but the right to life that hasn't even been conceived yet, that he'd have enough kids to form a cult in Texas. You'd think he'd be nailing a hole in Laura's back every chance he got just to not waste a precious drop of seminal fluid or a single unfertilized egg in her body. Maybe he just doesn't like her all that much. Maybe that's why she has to plaster on that extremely forced grin every time she's seen in public with him.

I'm wondering just how far he would like to see the birth control issue pushed. If he's already considering certain forms of contraception as likened to abortion, how long before it's all forms of contraception? Let's follow this slippery slope out to its logical conclusion. Abstinence is the ultimate form of abortion. How long before we start putting women on trial after suffering a miscarriage? Ladies, you'd better enjoy menstruation while it's still legal, before we send you away from the villiage and burn all your clothes and bedding.

Oh, that's absurd and unfair? Well, two can play the slippery slope game, Bill O'Reilly. If gay marriage will certainly lead to legal public bestiality, then a ban on birth control can lead to prohibited menstruation and sinful abstinence. It's apparent that Bush not only has a disdain for abortion but a contempt for any form of family planning at all. Since 2001, the Bush has denied all funding for family planning to the United Nations Population Fund. Domestically, the United States has seen
more babies born last year than any other year in the nation's history. Apparently whatever Bush thinks these family planning organizations are doing to keep people from having too many children in the face of a total economic breakdown, it's not working. One of the conditions of the Bush family's dream of a New World Order is a ninety percent reduction of the world's population, so I really don't see what difference it makes to start now or later, just to preserve George W. Bush's Messianic delusions of morality.


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