Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Important Political Address

Never since we questioned the desire sleep on burning beds have we faced a challenge as monumental as race. Race is important because of fish, and I will do everything in my power to see that it does.

We come together at a time that seems preeminent. Joy brings great bountiful. If we don't, then it never will. The time has never been more now. If dreams are our goals, then we cannot succeed failure. Eventually we will come to pass, and when we do, we will do.

Greatness cannot be that thing. Horror will eat. Our children will pride. Do we want hubris? The answer is.

How dare you? All say is when. Audacity. I am carrot. Roar! Great leaders have. Please? Sick children mean what. Triptych is good. Triptych is good.

We will error in plentitude. We will burden in prosper. We will make in our presence. We will good. Offset is inside. Go. Our great nation can courage. Vast is the tantamount. The heart is in magnitude. We are identical in diversity. We can overcome. Fear is thrusting. Hark!

We will go down in history as being remembered. Never discourage! Relentless in ubiquity, we persevere as odds. Turmoil shall never rise. We will not happen. Doom is in well happy. Pretty things at interest. Race shall there. Good?

As we stand here united in succulent ovulation, we must remember what spoke orange words. Do not problem. We will resolve to abstract, and we will never again move forward without change. Our fish will more than ever before. We will enjoy. Do not forget wow.

Hole is scary.

Hole is scary.


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