Sunday, May 18, 2008

CraigsList Is Gay

Guess what. I checked out the male-for-male casual encounters section of CraigsList and discovered that, whether they're gay or straight, perverts are always idiots. I used to think I might be perverted until I realized I'm simply not stupid enough.

So you're a 35-year-old male virgin prostitute with no friends. Anywhere else, that would seem out of place.

It might be the lady with blonde hair or his leaving without saying goodbye, but something tells me he's just not interested. Sorry.

Uh-oh. Someone startled the autistic kid.

You do realize this is the listing for people who like to get poked in the butt, don't you?

When you're in the homosexual casual encounters section of CraigsList, you really shouldn't open by announcing how contagious you are.

I love how some guys honestly believe that as long as they're not on the receiving end they can still call themselves straight even though it doesn't change the fact that they're still fucking a dude.

In fact, he'll probably have a panic attack and run out of the hotel room crying.

I bet it tastes like shit.

I would make a retard joke here, but they're not this stupid.

Lovers may die sooner, but don't worry, you'll be able to be lonely for a long, long time.

Have you tried just standing on the street corner and shouting "CRAAAAACK!!!" at the top of your lungs like you're searching for a lost puppy?

This is the reason why some people should be euthanized and others shouldn't.

Bored? Try buttsex!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gotta get back to watching House.


Blogger MrsMelvin said...

I love your snarky commentary. Adding you to my bookmarks.

12:17 AM  

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