Saturday, May 03, 2008

Comic Strip Dump #10

I'm skipping over Dilbert this month, even though there were some funny strips. I hadn't been keeping up on comic strips as well as quotes, and the new format for the Dilbert website makes it a pain in the ass to go through the archives.

A Softer World
If I ever
commit suicide, this is how I'm going to do it. My only regret will be not seeing the look on the clown's face.
I'm going to start asking this
question more often.
This comic is
pure, unadulterated evil, sweet evil.

Alien Loves Predator
"They're infringing on my celibate right to sex!" has got to be one of the
funniest lines ever written.
Old joke, but still funny.

Basic Instructions
Scott Meyer came up with the
coolest ring tone ever, and if I ever felt that customizing my cellphone was worthwhile, it would be mine!
First panel

Get Fuzzy
I'd watch
that show.
talking crazy again.
This one edges itself in narrowly just based on the
quote in the first panel.

Head Trip
I love Kat's
freak-outs over bizarre and inconsequential stuff.
Shinga is the absolute queen of
facial expressions!

Movie Blackout is a
scorpion hoarder.

Least I Could Do
Ralph Nader fucks everything up.
If there's a will, there's a
Crisis alert.
How you can tell when your
babysitter is not the best.
How else would you answer such a
ridiculous question?
Important advice for
child raising in this one.
I have two hard and fast rules that practically guarantee getting your comic mentioned in my recaps, if you mention Transformers or
Darkwing Duck.

Lil Formers
You don't even need to follow Transformers to understand why
this is funny.

Looking For Group
If you don't get why I'm including this, then you've obviously never seen the
1986 Transformers movie. You should, it kicks ass over the 2007 version.
Your friends just killed a giant. You are evil.
What do you do?

Two Lumps
I still can't fathom how that got to be mixed up with the name of that
singing style.

A new take on an
old joke.
This always happens.
This is me watching
sports, so it's a good thing I have no interest in any of them.

This is one of my
greatest skills, but if some girl can see past it I can grow to be quite interesting once I feel comfortable.


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