Sunday, March 30, 2008

FoxNews Viewers Weigh In

So what might the comments posted on FoxNews stories by loyal FoxNews fans look like? A bunch of ignorant, bigoted brainwashing and Right Wing soundbytes, of course! What did you expect?

You know the old saying: "If at first you don't succeed, masturbate!"

Why not? You just described the exact person you dipshits managed to elect twice in a row.

So. . . Yay for backlash?

You've lived a very sheltered life if you've never heard anyone say "damn."

That's because all those years the blacks had to suffer slavery and segregation and racism and injustice, it was the whites who were doing it to them.

I'm not racist; I just think the majority of a particular race is lazy and incompetent, and my race is better. HUGE difference!


Everyone knows the sky really is purple. The blue sky myth is just one more sinister lie perpetrated by the liberal media.

Fine, we'll post your fucking comment. Here.

An anti-Obama forum? On FoxNews? That's preposterous!

I hear they're working on even more powerful mind-control rays. You'd better add another layer of tinfoil to that hat.

Let's see, China puts the date rape drug in children's toys, former soviet territories generate incestuous child porn by the boatload, and I'm sure there's a guy in New Zealand fucking a goat right this moment, so let's base our political future on what these people think.

You can tell Ron Paul knows more about the original Constitution because he looks like Ian McKellan's grandfather.


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