Sunday, March 02, 2008

Conversations With God

A few weeks ago, the retards in /b/ stumbled across the ALICE-based artificial chat robot iGod, and the result was quite possibly the funniest thread I have ever come across. What made it so funny was that, unlike ALICE or ELIZA, with this program you can pretend that it's actually God who is answering your inquiries because the replying name is simply "God." Now, when you have a naïve, early model artificial intelligence program masquerading as God responding to nothing but a bunch of cynical bastards and Internet memes, as you can imagine, hiliarty will ensue.

Of course I saved the thread for posterity because it was that from which legends are forged, but when I went to review it, I found that my computer failed to save it. I was devastated. The funniest thing to ever grace the Internet, and it was just gone. However, I did some searching and found that someone saved a similar thread that occurred back in September of last year. Although it's not nearly as funny as the one I came across, it's still full of epic and win. So let's see what God has to say.

Sacrilege at its best!

Apparently God is an asshole, too.

We WILL talk about pie, dammit!

God's not one to waste any time.

Yes, it's a joke. Just keep telling yourself that.

Dude just totally Jedi Mind Tricked God!

np: Therion - "Draconian Trilogy"


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