Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Comic Strip Dump #8

February was an exceptionally funny month, it turns out. Apparently they had to cram more funny in it to make up for the missing days.

A Softer World
Hahaha, that's just
Djinns are notorious for exploiting logical flaws in
Fuck the
girlfriend, I'd rather be psychic myself.
See? Overpopulation,
not so bad.
Something to keep in mind if my latest
crush never contacts me.

Basic Instuctions
My ex would go by
this rule. If someone is being angry and unreasonable at you, just return their vehemence with kindness. It will end up pissing them off more that you don't return their spite, and you'll end up looking like the better person in the long run. No one can say you weren't being polite and level-headed the entire time, either.
This is
profusely relevant to my life over the past few weeks.
He did say "
your children."
You know what, though? The sound of a
cat barfing can wake you up from anywhere in the house. Seriously.

Chopping Block
Nietzsche sounded like a fun guy to hang out with.

Chugworth Academy
This is a few months old, but I don't care. Awesome
social commentary here. One of the rare exceptions to a comic that has gotten very dumb in the past few years, and I don't mean the good kind of dumb, either.

This reminds me of
something my ex-father-in-law would do just for the hell of it because it amused him.
I guess that answers
that question.
Ask a
stupid question. . .
If there's one thing Wally knows, it's
job security.
Guys, pay attention. This is the
ultimate pick-up line.
I don't think Bob the Dinosaur is a very good
lawyer. . .
. . .But his
rates are outstanding.

I got an
unspeakable word in a Happy Meal once, but all it did was get me smacked by my mother.
This is what your
comic characters do when you're too lazy to finish the strip.
I think everybody's had some variation of
this happen to them at some point in their life. It can't just be me.

Get Fuzzy
That is one hell of a
I think we should grant bears the
right to human arms, personally.
Actually, Satchel's got a
damn good point about Dracula.
I'm trying that the very next time I encounter a

Head Trip
So this is why people
stub their toes.

kids are all right.

Least I Could Do
I would say he should have had sex with .
McCain and Huckabee too, but no sane person would ever want to do that.
I like the
Grand Funk version the best.
I think that might be the wrong time to bring
that up.

Looking For Group
It's not so gross when you think about it. . . Didn't the gang from
Wizard of Oz infiltrate the Wicked Witch's stronghold in much the same fashion?
These troops can't handle
diversions very will, can they?
Actually, Richard just doesn't like
waterboarding because he finds it boring.

Perry Bible Fellowship
There goes his
superhuman sight.

Sore Thumbs
This is how
Lawnmower Man should have ended.
This is almost exactly how my last
job interview went, too, only without all the same words.
So what's
Val Kilmer doing these days?

VG Cats
Bears are awesome. I think
bears should be the new monkeys, because monkeys are lame and they suck.

The lesson here is to never argue with a
bear about a jinx.
That's the sort of thing you find out
the hard way, actually.
You give her
cash every other day of the year. Give her something special for Valentine's Day, like a lot of cash.

girls are so practical.
Unfortunately, this is a
chronic problem.
What a very
Terminator thing to say.
I wonder if the same thing happens for the
in-store announcements that cut off the music.

np: Kevin Gilbert - "Staring Into Nothing"


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