Sunday, February 03, 2008

You Suck At Transformers, Part 2

Okay, a lot's been happening for me lately in real life, so I didn't get last week's post written, but I'm working on it. It's about half done. It should be up soon.

This is the second of a two-part post I began
last Sunday. For details, refer to it.


Don't use post-modernism to hide your failure at drawing robots.


I see nothing dangerously wrong with the position of that helicopter's rotors.


This reminds me of the graphics on those old medieval adventure games we used to play on our Tandy computers in the early Eighties, like the ones that told us we'd be eaten by "grues."


I think everybody will agree that the proper position to assume when being shot in the back is that of a girl who has to pee.

Air Raid

What the hell is this? I swear to God some of these kids are just fucking with us.


The astronaut was probably distracted from the giant killer robot by trying to figure out what a Volkswagen Beetle was doing on the fucking moon.


"Look what you did! Look what you did!! Bad Autobot! Bad!!"


Here, Judge Dredd has a meeting with God. Also, God is wearing a helmet.


What's up with the woman in the little villa on the left? Is she having sex on her patio?


That severed head is about the smallest severed head ever. Seriously, it's the size of his hand.


"Oop! Stepped in a pothole!"


You kind of have to feel sorry for some of these kids. I could imagine them wondering why they got zero votes when their mothers, who know nothing about Transformers or robots in general, keep telling them they draw really neat.

np: U2 - "Even Better Than The Real Thing (Live)"


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