Thursday, February 14, 2008

Unusual Valentine's Day Gifts

There are many ways to say "I love you" to that special someone on Valentine's Day, but sometimes the arrow falls from the mark. Or however that analogy goes. So here are some of the more bizarre gifts that have been exchanged over the years for Valentine's Day. You can use this as a baseline reference of things to avoid grabbing in that mad dash when you wake up to your girlfriend's icy glare and realize that it's February 14th already. Unless she's into things like that.

— The entire state of Delaware

— A heart-shaped box full of tuna flavored cat food

Transfomers 2

— Madness

— A grizzly bear

— A gift certificate for a breast augmentation surgery

— Two tickets to the monster truck rally, now with extra deep mud!

— The entire cast of the hit television show Family Ties, including Michael J. Fox

— A Presidential candidacy

— A new baby

— A personal, romantic concert from the band Dimmu Borgir

— Impropriety

— An aluminum baseball bat

— A candlelit dinner prepared by the world-renowned Chef Boyardee

— The gift of genocide

— The moon

— A polygraph test

— A headache

— A surprise, impromptu threesome with your secretary

— Disfigurement

— A "get out of jail free" card

— The positive results of your HIV test

— A card, with money in it

— Quit your job to focus on your dream of lounging around the house in your underwear

— The date-rape drug

— Edible underwear that tastes like normal underwear

— Incest

— Disappointment

— A brand-new replacement boyfriend

— An IOU


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