Sunday, January 13, 2008

Internet Moron Database

I finally got around to signing up for an Internet Movie Database account so I could read the forum posts. I think it's crappy of a website to make you sign up to even read the forums. I don't plan on ever posting, and there are probably a lot more people out there like me who don't plan on ever posting, so it's just a way to inflate their forum membership numbers by making everyone sign up regardless of whether they plan to do anything with their account except ghost.

I was hoping to find a bastion of stupidity like the person who claimed George Lucas invented the word "prequel," but mostly what I found was a bunch of armchair critic movie snobs with too much time on their hands. I guess posts like that are a delicious rarity. For this introductory round, I toured many different boards. Let's see what these Asperger's victims have to say about our choice form of entertainment.

Why? I haven't had an opinion on Daniel Day Lewis since 1992. In fact, I'd forgotten he existed until just now.

I think we've located Mr. Shia LaBeouf.

Probably because you're an anal-retentive OCD and no one cares.

Yeah, way OT.

"How would you kill yourself if someone was holding a gun to your head?!"

Try wrapping your brain around that quagmire.

You never did have to be stuck to the television watching new shows. Also, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but nothing but reality shows and game shows sucks.

Please ban CDs. The record companies could have released them in the early Eighties but waited until everyone bought cassette tapes and went "Fuuuuuck!!"

Wow. Dude gets paid $150 a week. Dodged the bullet on that one, didn't I?

Hello, and welcome to the Internet.

Haha, "eyesore." Nice choice of words.

Finally, I leave you with
every single person's opinion on Michael Bay.


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