Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Video Dump #13: The End Of Comedy

I honestly didn't think this thing would still be going on now and this video would be dated, but little did I know! This seems like such an absurdly simple thing to settle; I just don't get it. These studios make billions of dollars a year. The writers are asking for pennies. Jesus fuck, give them their money! What are you doing with all that money anyway, especially when it turns out that you're not compensating your staff?

On a slightly related topic, here's a catchy little animated commentary on "What We Call The News."

Harry Potter in the Hood. You know it was only a matter of time.

Remember Liquid Television? That show on MTV that showcased various animated shorts in the early 90's, right on the cusp of the network turning to shit? I think it was the last good program they produced. Anyway, this was my absolute favorite cartoon from that show, "GRINNING EVIL DEATH"!! The scene when the kid meets Captain Sarcastic is comedic gold, and I still quote his line to this day.

One of my all-time favorite indie cartoonists is Bill Plympton. Recently, I rooted around for some of his cartoons on YouTube. Here's his guide, "How To Quit Smoking," offering 25 very practical suggestions. Number Seven is my favorite.

Finally, I am pleased to present to you the end of comedy. Seriously, comedy is dead now. This is the funniest fucking thing ever. Why did it take me seven years to discover it? Make sure you stay through the end. The ending is the coolest ending ever in animation.

Steve Hackett - "Valley Of The Kings"


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