Friday, December 14, 2007

Major Changes, And An Annoucement

Okay, major changes are coming your way in the next year. I've given this careful thought and decided it's the best course of action in regards to this blog for me to keep my sanity. I haven't ironed out all the details yet, but I'll outline my rough thoughts. Any input would be appreciated.

I've been updating daily for over three years now, and I'm finding myself a bit creatively drained. Whereas before it was so easy for me to come up with something once a day that I had a backlog of posts to choose from, now I can barely come up with something substantial a few times a week, and even then, some days I just don't feel like writing it. It takes time to write a couple thousand words, and that doesn't even include error-checking, a step which I admittedly often skip, research, and image or multimedia integration. Sometimes it's time I don't have, or effort I just don't feel like expending.

When I first started this blog, I did so with the intention of making one post per day, every day. Eventually what started out as short musings turned into full-blown articles. Every time I set the standard a little higher, I felt like I was letting not only you, the reader, down, but myself as well if I didn't consistently perform at that level. After three years of trying, the well is drying up. I'm not saying that I'm creatively bankrupt, it's just harder to find new ways to spin the same topics I've already touched upon without it getting repetitive. The only way I feel that I can continue creating substantial posts of interesting topics is to change the update schedule for the blog. That way, I don't have to feel as if I'm letting myself or anyone else down if I don't update daily.

Here are my plans:
— From now until the new year I'm going on hiatus, and will only be updating sporadically as I feel like it. I will still update the image gallery and I will still read and comment on my friends' journal entries. I just won't be doing any regular updates.

— After the new year, I plan on writing one full-length article a week. I will most likely publish it on Friday. Some may be serious topics, but I kind of want to get back into humor writing again, like I did when I was in high school, so with any luck, expect more humorous articles.

— I still plan on doing the Sunday posts as I have been, with excerpts from various web communities. I may also publish some of my recurring themes on Sunday in lieu of web forums, such as the Chinese Zodiac spoofs, Making Fun of Town Names and hated clichés posts, and the list posts. That will add some variety and space out visits to recurring forums. At any rate, there will be some form of alleged funny on Sunday.

— I will do the occasional music or movie review on Tuesday, but only when I have one worth posting. Toward the end of this year, I'd been finding it harder and harder to come up with a topic dealing with some form of multimedia every single week, so the Tuesday posts might become sparing.

— I'll still do the Quote Roundup, Video Dump, and Comic Strip Dump once a month because they're easy to do, even though I don't know how many people might be annoyed by them or to what extent.

— I'll post occasional musings, thoughts, or news blurbs as they happen throughout the week, but there will be no set schedule or guarantee for these. I'll just post them as they happen.
In other words, I'm going to turn my blog back into an actual blog, and free myself of a lot of the obligation I've felt to perform up to my own standards. This will give me more time to focus on the articles I want to write and maybe give you a better product, and relieve me of some of the pressures of time and anxiety that I've been putting into this. Just because it's a labor of love, doesn't mean it has to be laborous.

Finally, I have an exciting announcement. At least for me. I am going to be writing a book. I don't know what about yet, but I suspect that will come to me since I have the goal in mind. I was thinking about it, and I realized that I've been doing this blog for three years now. It's high-fucking-time I try to put some of this stuff into a book and actually shop it around for publishing. I may also try to find, or try to write, some sample work and submit them to various magazines and newspapers for consideration of publication or employment. It's how Dave Barry got his start; who knows?

I find it interesting that this idea occurred to me right on the cusp of the Mouse Year, which is governed by a very creative and ambitious sign. No I don't know what I want to write the book about just yet. Bear in mind I'm still stuck in the Year of the Motherfucking Pig, which is the arch-enemy of the Snake, but the closer I move toward the Mouse Year, the more inspired I find myself becoming, so I think something will come to me in the next couple months. The only problem is that I'm nobody, so I have to make this book good enough to be considered for publication without any prior notoriety, but not so good that I can't outdo it with a succeeding book.

I'm not sure yet if I want to make this straight social commentary with a good dose of wacky humor, or if I want to blend the social commentary into a fictional story. I have several ideas to work with either way, or I might decide to go a completely different direction. It's just a matter of looking at what I've got for each possibility and selecting the most reasonable format and topic. If anyone else has any ideas, or a favorite topic on which I've written in the past, please let me know. It might help me choose a direction.

I started thinking about the current choices of jobs, and it seems like it's a choice between getting time to yourself and shit for pay, or getting good pay and no time off. Either way, working for a company is just not looking very appealing to me. I'd kind of like to see if I could make it on my own talent and merit. I don't have the ambition or the skills to start my own business, so I have to fall back on my writing or my art. Right now I have a golden opportunity because I have the time with this job to work on this goal. I might as well try, right?

So that's it. I'm taking some time off for myself, I'm changing the schedule for this blog, and I plan on writing a book. I think it's going to be an exciting year. Wish me luck.


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