Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm Making Fun Of Your Driver's License Photos!

Recently, I got hold of an old, expired copy of the handbook that stores use to verify the authenticity of various approved forms of identification. I started paging through it, making fun of some of the more ridiculous faces some of the DMV staff were making in each sample photo, and I realized that some of them would make an excellent post for you to enjoy. If anyone is looking to try to forge a fake ID based on the pictures presented here, please bear in mind that first and foremost, you are an idiot, and second, these came from a handbook that is several years old, and many of these cards are no longer in service.

Hello, Mr. Whiskers.


Hey, what's up there? Is it cake?

She has not aged well at all.

I think both of these two are just lying about their age.

This is what underage drinking does to you, kids.

If you see me walking by, and the tears are in my eyes, look away, darling look away. Don't look at me; I don't want you to see me. . . this. . . uh, this. . . The, er, camera's over here, hon. . .

I think she's pissed because someone named her Fanny Tester.

Not only is she a Tennessee Sample, she's a Tennessee Visionary!

Attach a couple of arms where this guy's ears are, and you'd have Slimer from Ghostbusters.

Whatever's up there, it's not cake, and it's troubling the bejesus out of this guy.

Missouri is the Show Me State, and it appears she liked what someone had to show her.

Check out the lower right-hand corner — chick's the fucking Emperor!!

If I was crowned Miss Florida, I would use my influence to promote education, because without education, we can't learn, and if we didn't learn, we would have no need for school, and I think school is important because that's where we learn our education, so I'm definitely pro-choice. I love puppies. Vitamins are fun.

She'll suck your cock!

She is very eager to suck your cock!

On second thought, your cock intimidates her. . .


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