Monday, December 10, 2007

Employee Meeting: My Talking Points

We had an employee meeting today, which means I only got about two hours of sleep, which means I don't feel like writing anything. Here are the talking points I made up for the meeting to address concerns that I've noticed. Unfortunately our new boss didn't have anything near this awesome to say. Also unfortunately the two people most in need of hearing this didn't fucking attend.

- Be proactive
  • While you're winding down from one big rush, make sure everything is stocked, cleaned and ready to go for the next one. Otherwise, you'll be behind the power curve when you get your next rush of people, and it will be harder to catch up, and you'll just get more frustrated. We can almost time our rushes and down times by the clock. Use your down time to your advantage.
- Pay attention to the little things
  • The big things will take care of themselves if you take care of the little things. It's the little things that will bite us in the ass every time. Be vigilant; don't ignore things you know are wrong.
- Do your job
  • I can count the number of people who seem to care on one badly mangled hand, and those who don't care are making them stop caring. This isn't going to make life easier for anyone, when no one wants to do their job.
  • The quality of your work directly reflects on you. If the store looks dirty and understocked, the customers are going to look at the people behind the counter.
  • If you don't do something, it's only going to hurt yourself, because no one else will do it for you, and it will just pile up until you have to do that, and a bunch of other things on top of it. Just take care of it when you have the chance.
  • If everybody is doing what they're supposed to, then no one will have to work hard to keep things going smoothly.
  • You should have had a general understanding of what this job entailed before you took it. If you feel like any part of the job description is beneath you, you shouldn't have taken the job.
- Motivate yourself
  • Your motivation can only come from within. Don't look for others to motivate you. Don't count on bonuses or pay raises because you know we aren't going to get them. Do a good job because you take pride in the work you do, and your quality of work directly reflects on you.
- Be an example
  • People pay less attention to what you say than how you act. If you want people to behave a certain way, you need to exemplify the behavior, because they are going to act like you act, do what you do.
  • Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


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