Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Christmas Conversation

Somewhere between not going anywhere for a month and a half for fear of rabid Christmas shoppers, having to work while being consistantly sick, and getting only a few hours of sleep at a time for the past several weeks, I seem to have developed a pretty good case of seasonal affective cabin fever disorder, or something. To relieve myself of the depressive boredom, I went out and bought a log of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough to eat, uncooked. I feel like such a woman. Oh, uncooked chocolate chip cookie dough, is there anything you can't cure? Well, obesity.

Apparently the 90-minute Transformers: Animated series premier aired on the 26th. I missed it, and will continue to miss any reshowings given that I don't have the Cartoon Network, so I have to download it if I want to see it at all. The good news is that Shareaza is back online with the Gnutella 2 network. The bad news is that apparently the original Shareaza website was hacked by a scam site, so if you want anything to do with Shareaza, you have to go through their Soundforge site.

Ever since last summer, I've been wanting to see both Jewel of the Nile and Romancing the Stone again, back-to-back, because it's been since the Eighties that I've seen them. My conditions were that I wanted to see them both at once, but I didn't want to buy them because I couldn't remember if they are worth buying. None of my local video stores had both, however today I found that Hollywood Video has one and Blockbuster has the other, so between the two of them, I can make my dream a reality. I just have to remember which one I got from which store. I also have to look up which one is the sequel.

Finally, Christmas Day, a customer made a comment to which I had to conjure supernatural force to keep from laughing in her face. Here is the conversation, in its entirety:

GIRL: "I have to work a nine-hour day today."
ME: "Oh? Well tell Ebenezer I said hi."
GIRL: ". . ."
ME: "You know, Ebenezer Scrooge?"
GIRL: ". . ."
ME: "From A Christmas Carol?"
GIRL: "Oh. . . I don't really watch TV."

That's okay, because that story was written BEFORE TELEVISION EXISTED!!!


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