Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rot in Yahell

Yahoo is one of the companies, along with K-Mart and Dominos, that I most want to see spiral to earth in a colossal, twisting fireball of its own inept failure.

You may recall the problems I had with their FTP service back in
April of this year. Their FPT service, which they call "Briefcase," is the most fucked-up FTP service I've ever tried, but hey, it was free. I even tried paying them to get more space and it lasted about two months before they did some sort of update to their servers and discontinued my service.

Of course, they never sent me any notification that they had shut it down; I just started getting payments credited back from them. When I called their customer service to try to find out what was going on, the CSR first insisted that I did in fact cancel their service, which most people, you'd think, would remember doing, had they actually done it. He checked my account's backlogs and discovered that they did some sort of software update on their servers and it cancelled my account. He insisted that I received an email notification of this, and I insisted that I didn't, or you'd think I would have reactivated the service, or at least not be calling him now to try to figure out what was going on. Yes, I do realize that most of the people who call customer service centers eat urinal cakes for fun, but on the few occasions when confronted with a logical, reasonable person, the best idea is not to try to deflate his arguments with stupidity.

They offered to let me sign back up with them, but I didn't feel it was my obligation when I never cancelled it in the first place. Plus, it took me a couple weeks before their servers actually let me see the sign up page the first time, and I didn't want to go through that torture again. I eventually went with a different service that is a few dollars more expensive but suits my needs much better and is far more easier to use.

I've been getting reminders every other day from Yahoo Personals for two years now. I don't want them, I never asked for them, but I can't turn them off because I have to do that through their website. Every time I go to their website, just about every link they provide past the homepage takes me to a "Page cannot be loaded" screen, which means that either their links are all out of date, or their servers are screwed up again. I know it's not my browser because it happens on every browser, and it's not my computer because it happens on other computers, so the problem has to be with them. So I'm stuck with this automatic notification that I never asked for and in fact specifically declined, that I just started getting one day and can't ever turn off.

As of right now, Yahoo Messenger doesn't even open on my computer. I click on it, the computer thinks for several seconds, and then this amazing abundance of nothing happens. I've tried removing and reinstalling it several times and it just doesn't work. It's a good thing I don't really give a shit about Yahoo, or I'd be more upset.

Yahoo really needs to learn a thing or two about running a successful web business. I think at the frontmost of their concerns should be making sure all their shit works, which they seem completely unable to do. It perplexes me that they are one of the oldest web services. Every single Geocities/Yahoo webpage looks like shit, and it has that horrible sidebar of ads to navigate around every time a new page opens. When a person can host their own sophisticated webpage on a blogging service for free or FTP service for a nominal fee if not free, why is anyone still using Geocities? It baffles the mind. Why does anyone still use Yahoo at all when every single thing they offer is offered other places all over the Internet and you can actually get to it to use it?

Every single time I try to use Yahoo for anything, all it ever does is frustrate and annoy me. I'm slowly trying to pull any and all of my business out of Yahoo, and eventually I will, once they actaully allow me to access their services.


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