Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Wit And Wisdom

Some observations I've made while at work:

Being a fly is a deadly profession. I do not envy it. They pay is shit, but then, they never go hungry.

The primary purpose of alcohol is to make any rational, intelligent person look, talk, and act like a retard in public.

The general public is fucking stupid and if you put your faith in them, you're an even bigger idiot than they are.

If a de
manding person isn't trying to take advantage of you, then it's because they're just that stupid.

We are living in a culture that breeds fucktards where only fucktards are allowed to be successful at an alarming rate. People who couldn't make a command decision to save their lives, like this one dude who literally spent ten minutes trying to choose between mint gum of two different brands. Seriously, I timed it. Same flavor, same price, same packaging, but he was acting like it wuld end his life to select the wrong one when, in reality, it wouldn't even ruin his day. It's all gum, it all tastes like cold, just fucking pick something!! You know this guy is a manager someplace.

I can tell how long someone is going to be bothering me just by observing how long it takes them to get out of their vehicle. If it takes more than five minutes, I know my next half-hour will be spent babysitting them.

Part of the reason I originally took this job was to reaclimate myself with society. I thought it would be fun to observe the dynamics of the different types of people from all walks of life who visited the shop. I think that it has now well outlived this purpose.

If a person works where I do for more than a month, they will lose all hope for humanity. I've been doing it now for over a year. I have a deficit of hope for humanity. I have to aspire to build back up to having no hope for humanity.


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