Sunday, October 07, 2007

Legendary Threads 2

Some of these threads may be shocking to some of your sensitivities because, essentially, the average /b/tard possesses none. Any one of the Chans is a place where people indulge in all of the thoughts that they could never get away with thinking in public. It's a place where sarcasm, cynicism, parody, and satire abound. Nothing is to be taken seriously, and if you do take it seriously, you're retarded and they will flame the shit out of you. They indulge in homophobic insults and racial slurs and Nazi rhetoric just to revel in how utterly stupid it all is and to garner laughs. It's also a place where any picture can be posted and will be posted ad infinitum epochs before you get it in a cutesy email from your grandmom. ANY picture. People there are numb to the worst conditions of human depravation. Mutilation, shock, scat, and degenerate sex images are flooded and summarily either made fun of or ignored. I tend to stick to 4chan, however, because the moderators are more relentless in scaning for and removing anyone stupid enough to post actual illegal content like child porn.

This cop has problems.

Ask a stupid question . . .

This picture led to all sorts of confusion.

Next we slide right into some suicide pics.

Note: Chocolate is generally poisonous to dogs.

The Beast is an asshole.


Europe just can't get any love.

The most legendary of threads generally involve either Bitter Anon or Epic Fail Guy.

Epic Fail Guy wins at failing.

This guy just proved himself wrong.

That's all for today, but I have plenty more where these came from.


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