Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Would Do Anything For Love, But I Won't

- Do much

- Eat a salad

- Kill a puppy

- Have sex before marriage

- Go to Church

- Hold a boombox above my head on your front lawn, playing a Peter Gabriel song

- Murder your parents

- Impress you

- Stop drinking

- Friend you on MySpace

- Sing a long, cheesy, epic power ballad about what I will and won't do for love

- Fly my motorcycle into a giant bat perched atop a flaming skyscraper

- Emit a slime trail

- Clean my room

- Have a threesome with you and your sister

- Talk to strangers

- Collaborate with Jim Steinman again

- Raise da roof!

- Impeach Bush

- Exercise

- Exorcise

- Poop in your mouth

- Sacrifice my first born to the crescent god

- Whip it good!

- Hold a caucus

- Get an erection

- Go to war

- Kill Bill

- Do anything for love

(Thanks to LJ user "
Dandy Dustmite" for helping to inspire this post.)


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