Monday, October 15, 2007

Driving Gripe # [Insert Driving Gripe Number Here]

I hate driving during the day because that's when everyone else is out driving as well. Whenever I leave my house during the day, it's because I have to get something done, and I'm usually pressed for time, and everyone in the greater regional area is in front of me plodding along like they're looking for an address. I'm not saying they need to drive fast and dangerously, but 20 MPH in a 40? Come on!

We should quit NASCAR as a sport and save the stadiums for these people out driving with no purpose or ambition to waste their gas without getting in my way. Could you imagine how many people would sill watch NASCAR if it consisted of nothing but old people driving 20 MPH with their blinkers on all day? Proabbly about as many as it deserves.

np: Lana Lane - "Stargazer" (Rainbow cover)


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