Friday, October 05, 2007

Bass Cars

You know people who have those bass cars? Those really annoying cars with the super audio systems so all you hear when they go down the road is "DOOOM doooooooooommmmmmm DOOOM"? Those are some really good systems, even if they generally put them on cars that are not designed to handle the bass output, which is what generally results in things like the side panels of their shitty cars vibrating. Why don't the people who own these cars with these tremendous systems ever play anything good?

Whenever you get close enough to these cars to hear what's playing, it's always some complete shit wastes of plastic like Justin Timberlake or Marc Anthony or R. Kelley. Why can't they play, like, Black Sabbath? Could you imagine what Geezer Butler's bass lines would do to someone when piped through a system like that? They would crush your spine. They would destroy cities.


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