Sunday, September 23, 2007

While You Were Out 3: I'm Totally Ripping Off This Title From The Learning Channel

It's been nearly half a year since the last time I logged into Yahoo! Messenger. Let's see who has been trying to get in touch with me while I was away.
Do you like extreme games as I do? Maybe we need to try something exciting together! Contact me at: luvn_lover2762 at hotmail
Tie yourself to a rock and jump off a cliff, then get back to me.
I am pretty tired of normal relationships! I want to spice life a little bit! If you are the spice I need send me a message at: lstful3670psy at hotmail
I'm always wary of people who say they're tired of a "normal relationship." What, do they want an abnormal relationship? Do they want to fuck a dog or marry their brother or something?
Did you just break up with your girl-friend and need some consolation?, well here I am, you just have to contact me at: hrny_fmale40650 at hotmail
Yes, I just broke up with my girl-friend. What am I, a Dalek?
Hey bad boy, what's up?, I would like to get to know you better, please get in touch with me through my private email: hrnygirls1274 at hotmail
"hrnygirls"? What is this, some sort of hivemind? Is this like the Borg? The Horny Girls Collective? Will I be assimilated, fitted with a vagina and breasts, and have all traces of personality and individuality removed?
I wanna feel a real man "inside me", if you catch my drift, if you're that man, send me your contact info at my private email address: neeedylady7409 at hotmail
Newsflash: A "real man" wouldn't need to wait for random messages on Yahoo! Messenger to pick up chicks. You're going to be stuck with overweight sex offenders and neckbeard software developers.
Have you ever felt the thrill of being caught in the act?, if not, I'm willing to go to jail with you, LOL!. Send me an email at: luvnldy2020 at hotmail
I think she's just in it for the free room and board.
My husband is out on bussines but I am a dirty little whore! I need somebody to cum to my house and make me cum! If you think you are up for the job write: smilewomn4120 at hotmail
Sorry, I think after cumming all the way to your house, I'd be a little spent.
I am ready to have some wild sex adventures! If you want to join me let me know at: misswomn2046 at hotmail We would have some awsome time!
Grab your satchel and whip. I'll put on my robe and wizard hat. We'll raid that lost Ark and have sex on top of it.
Have u ever gone "skinny-dipping"?, whatever ur answer is, I'd like to go with u! , contact me at: hotfmale9415 at hotmail
What if my answer is "No because my body is a bloated, pockmarked, mutant sin against God that would frighten wildlife and poison lakes"? Would you still like to go skinny dipping with me?
Hello there sweetie, do you remember me?. I guess not, it's been such a long time since we got in touch, let's pick it up from here, ok?.: hornygirl3084 at hotmail
Hornygirl Thirtyeightyfour? I went to grade school with Hornygirl Thirtyeightyfour. She always got teased about her name, but when your last name is Thirtyeightyfour, is there really any hope?
Is your girlfriend cheating on you?. Get back at her!, I'm here to help you, just send an email to: lstyblonde1328 at hotmail
If she isn't, give her an excuse!
My husband is boring in bed and I want to have sex in all the rooms of the house! Can you join me in these? Write me a message at: nizelover7981 at hotmail
Darn, my wife is boring in all the rooms of the house and I just want to have sex in bed. It was this close!
I wanna give my husband a good taste of his own medicine, if you have the balls to help me achieve this goal, feel free to contact me at: lovelyass8770 at hotmail
Exactly what kind of medicine does your husband take that involves the tasting of my balls?
Isn't your wife around?. Maybe I can help you ease that loneliness, please contact me at my private email and let's get in touch.: lovelygirls9001 at hotmail
As a matter of fact, it is about time to kill again! Thanks for reminding me.
I'm stuck in a rut and I need some help to get out of it, let me hear what u have in mind by sending me an email at: hrny1ady4024 at hotmail
Have you considered accepting Christ as your Savior? If you could spare a moment of your time, there are some wonderful pamphlets that I would love to share with you.
Hi handsome, don't you remember me?. I was the one who wanted to have some fun and I still do.: hornyldy4480 at hotmail
Oh, the one who wanted to have some fun! That narrows it down! It's like trying to pick out the clone in an army of clones!


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