Saturday, September 01, 2007

Transforming Lego Movie Blackout

Sometimes I just like to post things I've found on the Internet, which was the true, original purpose of the concept of the blog, which is short for "weblog" which was coined as a log of web activity. We all know that the movie Transformers designs were some of the most complex designs to ever come out of the property. Someone created a model of the movie character Blackout using Lego pieces, and it actually Transforms. Since it was too good to not share, I thought I would post it since I didn't feel like writing anything of substance today. Click on the pictures for full size, detailed pictures, or you can just go to the Brickfrenzy page for the gallery, which includes the Transformation sequence.


Blogger Timothy Carter said...

Oh, wow. That is cool. Very cool! Blackout was one of my favourite characters from the movie. Isn't it cool what you can do with Lego?

Nice find!

12:26 PM  

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