Sunday, September 16, 2007

This Is An Informative Discussion About Linux

Wise Old /b/, which is the best operating system? The world may never know, but as long as there is a forum for cynical, sarcastic computer nerds to hang out, it will be discussed with the intensity of a thousand suns. I saved one such thread and I chopped out a lot of the pointless replies to present a fairly coherent conversation that eventually split off into several divergent topics. The comments and replies are untouched, all I did was group them together for the sake of easy reading.

Our thread started with a simple enough question:

Of course the typical responses came flooding in:

The original poster's responses to several of the suggestions (you'll have to track the post numbers to figure out which is which):

One person couldn't let the opportunity pass:

One more suggestion, a couple more responses by the original poster, who sets a challenge of his own and derails the thread on its first tangent:

The argument ensues (lol, "assbutt"):

And continues:

Suddenly a new argument fires up in the thread about the corruption of Microsoft:

A little bit of defense for poor Billy Boy:

I'm not sure if this is a lesson in economics or grammar, but it's still pretty funny:

A new subtopic begins when some hapless user simply asks for some advice and gets it in spades:

Finally, I couldn't think of any better way to end it. A couple of people voiced their hatred for Linux zealots, (really any zealot of any operating system), and I thought the final post I included summed up the whole thread perfectly.


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