Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th: One Man's Fool

This year for September 11th, I bring you no rants and no memories. Instead I pay respects to the tragic event with a song that I recently rediscovered. This song seems like it it could have been written specifically for the tragedy, especially considering the ominous opening lines. However, it was released back in 1998. It was originally written not long after the Oklahoma City bombing as a reaction to global terrorism in general. The first half of the song begins a dark and introspective recounting of the events, but the epic second half conveys a more uplifting message. In its entirety, the song is a harsh criticism of the philosophical ideas that fuel those who use terrorism as a political ploy.

This song ended the final studio album for the band, making it the band's final release and swan song as they are likely to not record another album of new material. Although the album marked a more welcomed direction for the band than that which it had been going for nearly two decades by the time of the its release, this was unfortunately not quite the greatest song to end a thirty-year career on. That doesn't mean it isn't a good and memorable song, it just doesn't really convey the message that the band is going away. Although, at the time of release, they were planning on at least one more album that never came to fruition, so that might explain it.

Okay, it's the sixth anniversary of September 11th, and I present to you a song that could have and probably should have been performed to pay homage to the wounded country and the victims of the tragedy along with all the other America: A Tribute to Heroes performances six years ago, as well as to warn and admonish those responsible for the attacks. I present to you a sort of forgotten and relatively unknown song that really sums up the tragedy and the feelings surrounding it:
Genesis - "One Man's Fool."


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